The wide sea come each morning - Mothering

250.00 - 830.00

Original photograph of sculpture by Tamara Ferioli made with bones from wild fish caught in the North Atlantic: cod (Gadus morhua), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) and Atlantic wolffish (Anarhichas lopus).

Limited prints are printed on high quality 305gsm Photo Rag fine art paper using inks that are guaranteed not too fade overtime.
305gsm Photo Rag is premium, matte, 100% cotton fine art paper. It is designed to meet museum longevity requirements to ensure consistency of shades for generations.

* 40x30 cm Limited to 20 reproductions (for each version colors / black and white)
* 70x50 cm Limited to 10 reproductions (for each version colors / black and white)
* 100x70 cm Limited to 5 reproductions (for each version colors / black and white)

Unframed prints have a 5cm white border around the image for framing purposes.

Each print includes:
-Museum of Art Trade Guild Certificate of Quality FATG (museum quality print certificate)
-Certificate of Authenticity
-Signature of the artist and numbering on the back

“The wide sea comes each mornings an serie of piece composed of sculptures using bones of wild fish caught in the North Atlantic. Ferioli works with materials of animal origin and remnants from seafood processing, giving it a plant-like appearance. The flowers, predominantly of a spontaneously-generated nature, respect the exact interlocking structure in the sculptural process provided by the organic material, taking advantage of anatomical cavities and protrusions. The result of the sculptures reaffirms the deep and metaphysical wisdom inherent in nature, which the artist explores as part of her patient and meticulous undertaking. Each flower is thus a fossil which crystallises in plastic form the serial geometries and mathematical principles underlying the biological systems”
Fabio Carnaghi

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